Pawlosophy was founded by Alexis and fellow rescue volunteer. After a number of less than stellar experiences with other walking and sitting services, they decided it was time to seize the opportunity to offer the kind of unparalleled service that they expected for their own special needs pets. In fall of 2010 they started Pawlosophy: a new standard in pet care.

Pawlosophy is owned and operated by Alexis with the help of her amazing support staff and wonderful caregivers!

ALEXIS (Pronouns: She/Her)

Alexis was raised on the north side of Chicago. She has B.A.s in Geography and Physical Anthropology. Her early professional life was spent in the financial industry, where she worked for 10 years, at the CBOE in the S&P 500 and the CME in the Eurodollar Pit.

She is passionate about development work and has served in the Peace Corps as well as participated in international development projects in several countries. She has been pet sitting since she was in high school, and has 20+ years experience caring for animals, both personally and professionally.

Alexis started riding horses at age 5, competing in local shows in the hunter jumper circuit until her late teens. As a young girl she had hamsters and bunnies too! Her first dog joined the family when she was 8, a Great Dane named Sampson. Sampson was a true family dog, never settling down at night until every family member was safely tucked into bed. Her second family dog was Braveheart, also a Great Dane. Bravey was a wonderful, energetic, young soul who was best friends with her first cat, a DSH named Turk. Turk and Bravey loved to chase each other around the house and cuddle up for long naps together. Bravey passed away at age 6 of Lymphoma. His condition inspired her to learn more about animal wellness and nutrition. After moving from her family home with Turk she adopted a kitty brother for him, Bartleby, from C.A.R.E, where she has volunteered since her early teens. Turk (Turkey) and Bartleby were named after the main characters in Herman Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener".

Alexis' current canine companions were rescued from a rural Indiana shelter, in a desperate situation and in the process of closing its doors. They are Husky/Doberman litter-mates named Saoirse and Becks. Her third dog, Desmond, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, started as a foster. Desi was found abandoned in a building on the west side of Chicago. After fostering him for 8 months she was in love and couldn't part with him! Unfortunately Desi passed away April 2019, he is dearly missed.

Alexis & her husband Christopher currently reside with their rescue dogs Saoirse, Becks and rescue cats Bartleby, Le Mieux, Herbie & Clementine on the north side of Chicago. Alexis is still an active equestrian and a member of the Luxe Equestrian Dressage Team based in St. Charles IL. Alexis competes in Region 2 with her horse Sasha Bellatrix, an Andalusian cross.

Alexis is also a former apprentice trainer in the School of Dog Training at Anti-Cruelty in Chicago and is a Certified Pet First Aid and CPR instructor. She continues to support rescue causes throughout the tri-state area and is an active volunteer with several organizations.

Alexis promotes R+ based training methods with companion animals and regularly attends clinics and conferences to stay current in her knowledge base. She has attended animal training and behavior related clinics and workshops with Jean Donaldson, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Alexandra Kurland, and Dr. Susan Friedman and Chirag Patel. She practices clicker training with all her animal companions; dogs, cats and horses! In her free time Alexis enjoys live music, cooking, reading, collecting comic books, hiking, camping, fishing and dancing ballet.

ANGELA O. (Pronouns: She/Her)

Angela's professional experiences as the owner of a pet/house-sitting business for 13 years, a human resources manager, as well as her work as an Arizona realtor, taught her how to be highly organized, communicative, trustworthy, and focused on the needs of her clients. She also gained relevant knowledge of how to run her future businesses while earning her BHS in Healthcare Administration at Florida Atlantic University. Angela has called Chicago her home since 2015. Outside of her pet sitting and real estate clients, Angela enjoys working out, walking her dogs, riding her horse, discovering amazing food, and traveling abroad with her husband.

CASEY G. (Pronouns: He/Him)

Casey grew up with at least one pet in our house at all times, and now has two wonderful tabbies at home! He has volunteered at the Evanston Animal Shelter since 2014; it's one of the most fulfilling parts of my week. Casey also a college student, currently working towards an associate degree. CHRISTOPHER C. (Pronouns: He/Him)

Christopher is a construction professional and Alexis' husband. He mostly works for Pawlosophy doing cat sitting visits over holiday periods. While he also takes on care for dogs and has a lot of experience working and living with them, cats seems to naturally gravitate to him! In his spare time he enjoys reading and trail riding with his horse Dulce.

DAN H. (Pronouns: He/Him)

Daniel is a member of our administrative team. Daniel got his first dog when he was 9 years old. Daniel moved to Chicago in 2012 and started working in the pet industry shortly after that. Starting with Pawlosophy in early 2013, he has done all aspects of the care we offer. He currently lives in Antioch, IL with his wife, son, Great Dane, and Rat Terrier. Daniel currently handles evening admin support remotely

DESTINY P. (Pronouns: She/Her)

Destiny hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma and her music profession landed her in Chicago in 2008. She's very experienced in handling animals growing up with a menagerie between her friends on farms and ranches (with horses and other fun animals) and her own multi animal household. Her personal childhood pets included dogs, cats, birds, hedgehogs, Guinea pigs, rabbits, and aquarium animals such as lizards, snakes, tarantulas, and of course fish. The trainable nature of dogs narrowed her love of animals down to a big goofy chocolate lab named Bosco by the time she graduated high school. His large repertoire of tricks and personality keeps Destiny inspired to hone her ability as an amateur dog trainer and pursue further education in those efforts.

When she's not walking dogs or visiting cats, she's a very active saxophone player in the Chicago music scene. Her main band is the reggae group, Gizzae, who tours regionally and internationally and has a home base at the famous Wild Hare on Sunday nights when the band is home. She also plays with the Chicago Women in the Blues and a few fun party/dance bands around the city. She toured with JJ Cale in 2004 and is on the documentary "To Tulsa and Back" playing in a few scenes. She also freelances on other movie/documentary soundtracks. "70 acres in Chicago" (2016) is her most recent release and is working on streaming rights to be shown on Netflix!

HARRISON C. (Pronouns: He/Him)

Harrison grew up in New Lenox, Illinois. He's been a dog lover since he was four years old, when he was introduced to his step family's dog. Harrison Attended Cornell College in Iowa and lived in Iowa City for the past few years. He has recently moved back to Chicago late last year.


Kyle grew up in rural Illinois on a farm. He has been an avid animal lover from the start and his family raises exotic animals. He is currently in the process of obtaining his graduate degree in mental health counseling. During his free time he enjoys immersing himself in amateur ornithology, bike riding, and reading as many books as he can.

JOCELYN G. (Pronouns: She/Her)

Growing up, Jocelyn always had pets from dogs, cats, fish and guinea pigs. She has had a thing for animals since she could walk. She was lucky to have lived in a house full of furry friends, so she is really comfortable with all dogs. Her family dogs were mainly German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes even tiny Maltese Poodles. Her passions are animals, sports, and cars.

She attended college and began to pave her way into a nursing career; Not unlike most college students she changed her mind midway through and is now looking into becoming a veterinarian technician. She wants nothing more than to spend her days working with all types of amazing animals

JOSH G. (Pronouns: He/Him)

Joshua grew up in Hollis, NH, a town of 4,000, and neighbors and friends were few and far between, and therefore growing up his constant companions in adventure and mischief were his beloved family pets. Felix, a Siamese cat, Augie, a seal point Siamese cat, Yari, a Akita dog, Lira, a bull mastiff dog, and Radar, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi were his best friends, and made the woods around his house a playground for his imagination and adventures. When he was not getting into trouble with his dogs and cats, Joshua was fascinated with animal tv shows, including, "All Creatures Great and Small," "The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau," and "Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom," and often daydreamed of becoming a wildlife photographer or zoo keeper. After graduating college, Joshua entered the field of hospitality management that lasted 20+ years, and also enjoyed 3 years flying domestically and internationally as a flight attendant. Throughout his adult life he has been a pet parent to many rescue dogs and cats, and has enjoyed raising them, training them, and giving them a life of love and luxury all dogs and cats deserve. He currently is a pet parent to two rescue cats, Simone and Hazel, 16 & 15 year olds who are currently not on speaking terms with one another. Walking dogs for Pawlosophy has allowed him to spend time with dogs on a daily basis, something he loves, but his cats would not tolerate in their home.

LELA P. (Pronouns: She/Her)

Lela is Pawlosophy's Operations Manager. She is not a native-Chicagoean. She was born in Nairobi, Kenya to parents working in organizational and community development for the Institute of Cultural Affairs. She spent her early childhood in different parts of Southeast Asia until finally landing in Taipei, Taiwan. She spent her summers in Chicago and parts of California with family. She returned Stateside for higher education and attended DePaul University with Sociology as her concentration.

As a child, she had a black cat named Thomas the Midnight King (Tom) who had a love/hate relationship with the world. Since the age of 16, she has been caring for fur friends of all sizes. She started with a Chesapeake Bay retriever and a Husky. Her experience with the small breeds other than cats didn't come until her early 20s with a friendly Yorkie. She started working first with family friends, graduated to friends of friends, until her interest in pet care culminated in a professional pursuit. She began with Pawlosophy in 2012 as a dog walker/pet sitter and is currently Pawlosophy's Operations Manager. She provides services for all types of dogs and loves them equally. They all think they are lap dogs anyway! Lela is also a Pet Tech Certified Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor for Pawlosophy.

Her other love is music. She works with the Chicago Studio of Professional Singing , The Floating Opera Project , and is in the swinging trio The Jewel Tones . She has won numerous music awards throughout the city and has performed around the world.

LINDY C. (Pronouns: She/Her)

Lindy has always loved animals and has had pets in her home for most of her life: cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, and hermit crabs as a kid, and cats as an adult. She has loved sweet timid cats and feisty old curmudgeonly cats alike, finding a soft spot for every unique personality. She and her partner currently have 3 young cats who like to get into trouble. Lindy also works a 9-5 job at a nonprofit organization and enjoys cooking and baking.

ROB Z. (Pronouns: He/Him)

Robert was born in Chicago. He went to St. Benedicts for grade school and Lane Tech for high school. He enjoys music and likes to play the drums and the bass. He loves working with animals and hopes to do so for a long time.

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EMILY Y. Coming Soon

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VICKY P. Coming Soon

For more information on dog walking and pet sitting in Chicago and Evanston, please call us at 773.669.5123!

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